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Child Exemptions in a Divorce Case

The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 152(e) provides the rule governing dependency exemptions for children of divorce or separated parents. The above rule applies provided that the parents on a combined basis provide more than half of the child support for … Continue reading

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Possession of Marijuana

Whether you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor concerning the possession of marijuana, one of our experienced trial attorneys will review your matter and aggressively defend your case. It is imperative that you have your case thoroughly reviewed and … Continue reading

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Drunk Driving

Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) Operating While Visibly Impaired (OWVI) Many changes have taken place in Michigan in the past 10 years that have significantly affected drinking and driving laws. In Michigan, the “legal limit” is .08. This means if a … Continue reading

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There is a wide range of assaultive crimes in the state of Michigan. Assaultive crimes can range from an assault and battery to the more serious cases of assault with intent to commit murder. In Michigan, assault and batter, domestic … Continue reading

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Family Law Issues

When dealing with family law issues, it is important for your matters to be addressed timely and that there be accessibility and promptness in responding to communications.  We are available daily for phone calls, emails, and requests for meetings. In … Continue reading

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Considering divorce? Talk to a lawyer and find out how to protect your rights. The period leading up to divorce can be stressful and frustrating. Our office will inform you of your legal rights. THINKING ABOUT DIVORCING YOUR SPOUSE? Even … Continue reading

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Auto Accident And Insurance What You Must Know

A. WHO IS COVERED? Anyone injured in an accident involving an automobile maybe covered – even a pedestrian or a bicyclist. More than one insurance policy may pay a claim. The insurance policies of the following persons should be considered: … Continue reading

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Personal Injury Claims

Livingston Law Offices specializes in personal injury claims. For over 30 years the citizens of Livingston County have requested our advice regarding the analysis, presentation, litigation, settlement, and trial of personal injury actions. No other law firm in Livingston County can match our … Continue reading

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Be The Active CEO Of Your Divorce

Be The Active CEO Of Your Divorce Anyone who has navigated the rough waters of divorce will tell you it can make the Australian Outback look like a day in the park. It takes all the grit you have to … Continue reading

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How a Lawyer Can Help Your Business

How a Lawyer Can Help Your Business By: Neal Nielsen Starting a business? Running a business? Some basic legal potholes to avoid. For many small business owners, using a lawyer is akin to calling a fireman or plumber: one does … Continue reading

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